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Marketing Manager Film - Germany

Wir sind ein Filmvermarktungs- und Vertriebsunternehmen mit Sitz in München und Teil eines internationalen Filmproduktions-, Vertriebs- und Vermarktungskonzerns mit weltweiter Präsenz. Wir suchen einen motivierten und filmbegeisterten Marketing Manager Film - Germany für unser Kinomarketingteam. Diese Person sollte über mindestens 5 Jahre Kinomarketingerfahrung auf Filmverleihseite verfügen (essentiell) mit dem Schwerpunkt Kampagnenerstellung und -management, Presseerfahrung (offline und online und Junket-Erfahrung) sowie Know-how im digitalem Filmmarketing und Social Media Marketingkanälen besitzen. Weiterhin sind hervorragende Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift gefragt.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Head of Theatrical Marketing, eOne Film Germany to develop strategic direction for each assigned release.
  • Responsible for organising and facilitating inspired kick-off and brainstorming sessions for each assigned film to ensure that each film is uniquely nurtured and developed.
  • Responsible for managing the development and implementation of tailored marketing plans for designated eOne film releases within a specified budget, including trade marketing.
  • Work closely with the publicity, trade marketing and sales teams internally and externally to ensure the strategic direction for each release is successfully implemented to plan.
  • Work closely with the trade marketing manager and the booking & billing agent to ensure the assigned film is distributed to the relevant theatres and that the screens are held by the theatres.
  • Ensure that all integrated elements come together in market as scheduled and within budget whilst proactively helping to problem solve where issues arise to ensure excellent execution.
  • Champion each assigned film to ensure it gets its necessary attention and focus from the department, associated companies and agencies.

Specific Responsibilities:

Campaign Development:
  • For each designated eOne release develop a fully integrated marketing plan with a clear communication strategy, a defined target audience, media plan, promotional, publicity, exhibitor and social media marketing strategy.

  • Work closely with the Head of Theatrical Marketing to ensure there are fresh and relevant ideas on each title and that campaigns are evolving in line with expectations of the release and remain on strategy.
  • Communicate and work with licensors, production companies, film makers and theatres during the campaign planning and implementation process.
  • Regular updates with the Head of Theatrical Marketing - Germany
  • Proactive communication with relevant eOne territories on campaign strategy, creative aspects and learnings where appropriate

  • Ensure all Marketing Strategy documents are well drafted, accurate and up to date.
  • Share Marketing Campaign Summaries with Theatrical department and relevant stakeholders.

  • Work with the Head of Theatrical Marketing during the development of the creative campaigns and communication strategies for each release.
  • Responsible for originating/adapting, developing and implementing the creative campaign and communications strategy for each eOne film release and working within deadlines.
  • Ensure that all communication going out is on strategy and within guidelines.

  • Responsible for delivering each project within the agreed P&A budget. Achieve the best possible balance between value for money and quality for each activity.
  • Maintain an awareness of the technical and publicity departments' set and fluctuating costs throughout the campaign.

  • Ensure all agencies appointed to work on eOne film titles are accurately briefed in writing with expectations clearly outlined.
  • Proactively manage agencies as needed to deliver quality and advantaged plans and materials and ensure deadlines are met.
  • Strive to achieve a balance between value for money and quality with each agency.

  • Work with the Publicity team or agency to ensure they are an integrated part of the planning, implementation and post analysis process for every campaign.
  • Proactively ensure that by working together the marketing and publicity team deliver strategies that deliver awareness across all areas of media.

Lifecycle and Cross Departmental planning:
  • Work closely with the Home Entertainment & Digital teams to ensure all promotional opportunities are fully exploited and all campaign experience is shared.
  • Be very aware of the lifecycle of a film and ensure key personnel have access to all relevant documents and creative materials in plenty of time on each release.

  • Seek out new and different approaches and ideas to bring freshness to each film. Ensure that recommended ideas are within strategy.
  • Proactively bring new and different ideas and examples of innovative marketing - whether tactical or strategic - to attention of marketing team to spark new thinking.
  • Responsible for organising and facilitating inspiring kick-off brainstorming session of designated film to ensure that each film has a strong raft of creative ideas specific to its objectives and strategy and subject matter.

Long term planning
  • Seek out long term media partners and work on positive relationships to benefit all titles.
  • Consider firming up relationships with third party partners across titles and look into sponsorship opportunities on media and events.
  • Be aware of industry and media movements and the lifecycle of each title and actively put forward suggestions that may benefit the department/company as a whole.

Necessary skills and experience
  • Full understanding of media planning to a significant level
  • Creation of marketing campaigns
  • Knowledge of the film distribution and booking & billing/theatrical sales process on film distribution side for a minimum of 5 years work experience
  • Passion for film
  • Strong organisational and communication skills
  • Experience of managing agencies
  • Understanding of print, AV and digital creative adaptation and origination
  • Strong awareness of digital marketing and social media potential in the context of a film marketing campaign
  • Ability to multitask
  • Exceptional time management and ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
  • Experience of managing budgets
  • Extremely efficient with a good eye for detail
  • Proactive, enthusiastic and positive approach to work

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